Tokyo Dome 2012 Day 1 - 希望について

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"They’re not human, of course words won’t get through to them. But we have our song!"

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Inoue Miyako, from Digimon Adventure 02!!

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Mimori~ It’s not something she ever acted on, not only due to the ‘love ban’, but because Mimori is always everyone’s older sister, so it’s not like the kindness the older girl showed her was anything special or unique.

There was also never an appropriate time (after getting to know each other, there was Lancastar, sousenkyo, succession, being chased from Akibastar, her father’s death, and then the fight for Akibastar)

It was a relatively short lived crush, and currently is crushing on nobody.

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Apart from Chieri’s alpacasso duo, her most prized possession is her trophy for being ranked first in sousenkyo for the second time. 

Akibastar had returned to normal, people had succeeded and graduated, DES had been quiet for a while and Chieri had mostly moved on from her father’s death/being hated by Akibastar. When she had won sousenkyo the first time, she’d honestly felt like some of it had been pity due to her father dying, as well as general happiness for a new center nova. The second time, she felt, was her own skill and charm alone, and she finally felt she had cemented her own place in 00, without anyone’s influence.

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They got the roomba to deal with all the cat hair, so of coarse, kitty says “Ha!” and sits in the one place the roomba can’t possibly reach.

Really, the cat just loves the ride.  This place is pet Disneyland.


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