It seems like none of the main kenkyuusei (no name) are suceeding. Is it that the muns/typists feel like they’ll dissapoint or anger fans if they choose “wrong”? Not trying to push anyone, but I’m just… surprised.

For me, I don’t really have the time right now. I’d also like to go through a few more things with Chieri (including one very specific time consuming thread I’ve been planning since close to when this group began) before I do decide to make her succeed (or if I decide it makes more sense for her to start a new succession line).

I don’t think I have a wrong choice (out of a few) since there is no confirmed ‘right’ choice. If people are disappointed in who I eventually choose, that’s their issue. They can read or write or head canon their own choice and ignore mine, so it’s not an issue for me. I mean, if I had a massive backlash, I’d be confused and perhaps reconsider, but my choices have been discussed with quite a few people, so I don’t think I’m coming out of nowhere. 

And, in all honesty, the last few successions have been really quiet. I kind of want successions, and all concert and events, to be group events, which isn’t happening for a variety of reasons at the moment. -shrug-

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hey here’s a fun came it’s called “find the main anime characters”

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Theories of Stars



Sighing frustratedly, she glared at the magazines sprawled in front of her. “I just wish I had something more solid to go on! I feel like I’m grasping at straws! Tsubasa-san is helpful, but she doesn’t know more than what I already know. Or if she does, she isn’t saying. And Mii-chan has wandered off again, so I can’t ask her either.”

Calming down slightly, Chieri pursed her lips. Quietly, she admitted, “I almost want to disappear, to try and come back like Yuuko-san did, just so I can get some answers from the past centers…”

Suzuko leaned forward, listening in that assuring way she had a talent for.

"The WOTA don’t talk about the Centernovas and their disappearances the way we do," She said after thinking it over.

"But they keep great records. If you check the message boards on fan sites," She said, opening her phone up and activating the holo-terminal so Chieri could look on.

"They have a lot of threads talking about the centernovas who disappear or on strange events that occur during concerts." She scrolled through one looking for something that might help Chieri.

At Chieri’s last remark, Suzuko couldn’t blame her. Though for a slightly different reason, all the past centers gathered in once place… She couldn’t help but want to see them too.

"….Do you remember, when we were practicing to take back Akibastar, you and Ac-chan, you two ended up seeing Yuuko-san when she was still missing, right?" Suzuko said pressing a hand to her chin as she spoke, remembering that session.

"We all passed out, but you and Ac-chan got very close to the past centernovas without disappearing. Maybe, if that happened again like it did with the group, you could get some form of a response?"

Chieri listened with interest as Suzuko started talking about the WOTA and brought up their message boards. She narrowed her eyes in concentration, quickly skimming things. I’ll need to remember to look more into these sites.

As Suzuko mentioned that odd fainting spell, she nodded, feeling somewhat hopeful, thinking the same as her team mate. “That’s a good point. If we could get more people, we might be able to get further up those stairs - we may even be able to speak to some of the centres who reached the stage, rather than being in limbo…” Chieri was muttering, trying to figure out how this could possibly work. It’s the only idea I have, I need to make it work!

"The Centernova has the power to travel through space and time… Perhaps if I can gain a better harness on that power, and get more people, with all of us thinking of that place, it might just be enough to get us there!"

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"A Tower?" Sonata followed Chieri. Like with a princess in it? She thought. It would be so cool if it did have a princess but Sonata was 75% it wasn’t going to be that type of tower.

"Look!" Sonata pointed to a directory sign. It had the main streets labeled with points towards train stations and major tourist attractions. "Do you think this will help us? Maybe there’s a shortcut."

Back home in Akibaster had tourist signs that Sonata used a lot of the time when she had first moved over to the planet. She could pretty much read the city like the back of her hand now.

"Good eyes, Sonata!" Studying the map, she thought she’d memorised the way to the landmark. "Alright, let’s go this way."

The duo made their way to the closest station, where Chieri brought tickets and again studied the maps. Nodding to herself, she was still certain they were going in the right direction. “It shouldn’t take us too long to get there.”

Sonata followed Chieri onto the platform and their train arrived not to long after. It wasn’t as high tech as back home but Sonata wouldn’t go as far as to call it old and rickety.

The younger girl made her way to a window seat and pressed her face up against the glass to look outside as the city the went past. “Look how tall that building is!” Sonata exclaimed.

Chieri followed after Sonata as the younger girl got them seats. The train wasn’t incredibly crowded, but she didn’t want to get separated from the blonde in the case of a sudden rush of people.

Leaning around, Chieri saw the building Sonata was pointing at. Tokyo really is an interesting city… “With so many tall buildings, do you think we can find the right one?”

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Cerulean City



Chieri was impressed, but she wasn’t entirely surprised. Megumi had a strong drive and was dedicated in her goals. “Congratulations!” Smiling at the Pokemon, she reached out a hand for it to scent. “It’s nice to meet you, Suzaku.” 

"I’m on my own gym challenge. Misty is my next target." As she spoke, she released Miya from her Pokeball. "This is Miya, my starter. I guess we both have an affinity for fire types, hm?"


"Hm… so Miya’s a Charmander. Can I see you other Pokemon too?" Megu asked. Meanwhile, Suzaku had sniffed the blue haired girl’s hand and moved on to look at the Charmander she had released.

"I guess we both have an affinity for fire types, hm?"

The similarity of Pokemon types suddenly sparked an idea. “How about we have a Pokemon battle? Do you want to fight my regular te— wait, I’d probably defeat you very quickly. What if I switch my Pokemon to water types to see if you might be capable of defeating Misty?” Megu suggested.

Chieri smiled as the Pokemon moved on, glad she wasn’t deemed negatively by the creature. Slightly annoyed at the comment of being beaten so quickly, but fully understanding it to be correct, Chieri nodded.

"Alright - I guess I can use it as a good opportunity to show off my team and train at the same time!"

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Fourth of July


Himeko loved the fourth of July. It was one of her favorite times because she got to see the fireworks and all the pretty colors. She wanted to celebrate with her friends so she decided to go to the store and get some sparklers to celebrate with the other girls. 

"Hmm I wonder what colors every one would like. I know I am going to get yellow for me, blue for megu, purple for rie, and red for kanata. I wonder what other colors the girls would like?"

Just then Hime accidentally bumped into someone who was also looking at the sparklers.

"Oh sorry… cheiri what are you doing here?"

Chieri was looking at all the various types of fireworks, debating on whether to buy some or not. Nagisa probably bought some, but if I buy some too, I guess we can hang out longer…

Slightly startled when she was bumped into, she quickly relaxed when she saw who it was. “Ah, Himeko, it’s been a while.” Gesturing at the fireworks and sparklers, she said, “Same as you I guess. Getting ready for tonight.”

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Muse - 2, 3, and 2. Mun - 14, 15 and 30
- Anonymous

 A song you like with a number in the title 
Hm, 109 is a cool song, as well as 1994 nen no Raimei. I hope to perform the latter one day!
3: A song that reminds you of summertime 
I know it’s an obvious answer, but I really do like Manatsu no Sounds Good. It was used in my generation’s promotions, a fan favourite, and just a generally fun song.

14: A song that you would love played at your wedding 
I’m a big cheese - “Can you feel the love tonight” hahaha
15: A song that is a cover by another artist 
I really like Erepyon’s vocaloid covers! Watarirouka hashiritai 7’s Valentine Kiss is also really cute!
30: A song that reminds you of yourself
Itano Tomomi’s BRIGHTER!!! (Also, I’m totally digging her new album because it’s totally hella)

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I sincerely apologise for being absent for so long. I was ill (and still am), had people in the family being ill, have been having issues with university, had family commitments, and more.

Currently, I’m in my last semester of my degree, so I’m naturally going to be busy. My mum will also be in hospital for a minimum of three weeks (which is already longer than most people, but she takes forever to heal) and then I’ll need to take care of her due to ongoing recovery. We’re also going to be moving interstate (though don’t have a house yet, which is worrying), and I’m studying for the JLPT. 

I will try to be on once or twice a month. I will do my four posts a month, but from now until the end of November will be incredibly hectic. Feel free to remind me to reply, but please keep in mind I simply may not be able to (at least quickly). I am also not taking any new starters, at least until I finish some threads. If you have an idea and want to post it, that’s fine, but it won’t be answered for a while. 

I will be doing all my responses tomorrow, and will try to catch up on my admin stuff by then as well. Again, I’m very sorry for keeping you all out of the loop, and I hope you can continue being patient with me. 

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Name: 希望について
Artist: NO NAME
Album: AKB0048 OP-ED Single
42 plays
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