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Cerulean City



"Let’s go then!" Chieri paused for a moment, thinking about her team. She’d caught a few Pokemon, but she hadn’t seen the point of keeping them with her if they wouldn’t help her get to her goal of the Pokemon League.

"My team will stay as it is. I’ve really just been focusing on training these guys anyway." At this point, she was regretting that a bit. She cared for all the Pokemon she caught, but some of them weren’t battlers, or didn’t suit her style, plus there was no point putting them through so much work just to be boxed. She’d build up a strong team, slowly but surely!


"Got it!" Megu exclaimed. The brunette hummed happily as they made their way to the Pokemon Center. The nurse behind the counter greeted the two as they entered. Megu nodded to the nurse and then made way to the computer. She booted up the PC and opened up her box. "Sorry, Suzaku. You’ll be sitting out on this one. I’ll come back, I promise," the trainer said. Suzaku nodded silently and returned into her pokeball.


"Let’s see… Ah yes, heres Azuma and King… Who else should I add…" Megu muttered under her breath, debating on who will be on her team. After what seemed like a long time, she finally came to a decision. Megu released Azuma out, an Azumarill, for her to walk and stretch from being cooped up in a box for a while. "I’m ready! Let’s go to somewhere a little out of town so our battle won’t interfere with anyone," she said.

Chieri asked the nurse to check over her Pokemon while Megu was busy. She’d only had them looked at yesterday morning, but it never hurt to be cautious. As the time went on, she began to feel a bit more nervous, despite Nurse Joy happily telling her that her Pokemon were in top form.

Megu’s a pro, after all. She’s already been to the League and beaten it, while I’m not even a quarter of the way there. Shaking her shoulders, she tried to clear her head of those thoughts. There’s nothing I can do about that now. I agreed to battle and we’ll battle. Even if I don’t win, it’s learning experience.

That was easier to say than to do; Chieri had only lost a handful of battles and each made her feel incredibly bitter afterwards. As Megu finished, Chieri nodded. “Alright. I know there are spaces to the North and South of the town, is there either you’d prefer?”

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Theories of Stars


"…." Suzuko pondered this for a moment. Yuuko was an enigma. She seemed bubbly and playful, but there was a lot going on under the surface. One only had to look at her first place speech from the years prior to see that. 

"I don’t think she’d stop us." She mused, staring at the ceiling. "I think we alll want to put the mysteries of the centernovas into the open, but…from what you said, she may not be too pleased." 

But still, Yuuko might encourage them since she did know they could make it back. 

"…Who knows." She said quietly. "We could talk to Mii-chan as well. She might have her own ideas"

Chieri was quiet as well. The idea was good, but figuring things out… It wasn’t exactly planning a picnic. Sighing, she idly flicked through a magazine. “I don’t think Yuko-san will stop us. At the same time, I don’t think she’ll help us. She still sees me as a rival, and I don’t think she’s giving up on reaching that stage either…”

"Can she really help us? She doesn’t know much more than Tsubasa or I, unless she’s keeping it a secret." Thumbing through pages, she ended up on a photo from a few years prior - when both the last Acchan and Mii-chan were around. 

"I think Mii-chan would be more inclined to help. That’s what she was trying to do when she was working with my father, right? Bring them all back? If we gave her another chance, to do things right, maybe she’d be willing?"

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Chieri had finally relaxed (as much as she could, with being thrown into a different time and to a different planet). Worrying wasn’t going to do anyone any good, and Sonata had been trained to defend herself - she didn’t need a babysitter. Smiling, she followed Sonata’s lead. “Adventure it is~”

The streets were still crowded, though a little less than earlier on. Finally reaching the tower, the duo bought their tickets and headed to the first look out point, deciding to look at the downstairs gift shop on their way out after being told their was more upstairs. 

"Wow… It’s so… grey." Tokyo was a beautiful city, but compared to Akibastar’s brightness, neon signs, 00 advertisements covering entire buildings and the rarely grey sky, the metropolis was a stark comparison.

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Fourth of July


Himeko let Chieri pay for her fireworks and secretly bought some glow sticks to share with everyone to make the event even more fun.

"Yeah I am. I need to get dressed and set up the fireworks so we are ready for the festival."

Nodding, Chieri decided to head back as well. “I suppose I should get ready. I still haven’t decided what to wear yet.” She had a mauve yukata which would probably be fine, but this wasn’t a Japanese style event, so she would probably look out of place.

Maybe Himeko would give her more advice? “Have you decided what you’re wearing?”

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"Whatcha doin’?"

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Good times. :)

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なかよし 2012年 12月号

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Come into my inbox and tell me what your favourite threads with me have been

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