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AKB48 - 13th Single [Iwake maybe]

Release Date: 2009.08.26

Total sales: 145,776

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By Mikkel Vang.

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Hi guys! 

It’s been a while since we’ve had an event, so—!

What type of events are you interested in? And when do you think would be a good time to have them?

Please feel free to suggest events even if you aren’t a roleplayer!

And then I realized two posts beneath it they announced janken might not be as fun for non-rpers. But could we try to do a google hangout and all chat? Perhaps one in character and one just amongst mun? I think that’d be rad.

//I’ve never done a google hangout. Is it any different from the group chat we have? We could always open up an extra chatroom for fans without muses if they aren’t that different and if there’s interest.

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Cerulean City



"Let’s go then!" Chieri paused for a moment, thinking about her team. She’d caught a few Pokemon, but she hadn’t seen the point of keeping them with her if they wouldn’t help her get to her goal of the Pokemon League.

"My team will stay as it is. I’ve really just been focusing on training these guys anyway." At this point, she was regretting that a bit. She cared for all the Pokemon she caught, but some of them weren’t battlers, or didn’t suit her style, plus there was no point putting them through so much work just to be boxed. She’d build up a strong team, slowly but surely!


"Got it!" Megu exclaimed. The brunette hummed happily as they made their way to the Pokemon Center. The nurse behind the counter greeted the two as they entered. Megu nodded to the nurse and then made way to the computer. She booted up the PC and opened up her box. "Sorry, Suzaku. You’ll be sitting out on this one. I’ll come back, I promise," the trainer said. Suzaku nodded silently and returned into her pokeball.


"Let’s see… Ah yes, heres Azuma and King… Who else should I add…" Megu muttered under her breath, debating on who will be on her team. After what seemed like a long time, she finally came to a decision. Megu released Azuma out, an Azumarill, for her to walk and stretch from being cooped up in a box for a while. "I’m ready! Let’s go to somewhere a little out of town so our battle won’t interfere with anyone," she said.

Chieri made sure her Pokemon were well fed and fully healed. By the time Megu was finished, she was ready to go. She wasn’t Megu, and didn’t have her experience, but she wasn’t going to be beaten easily!

"Alright. There’s some room over the bridge to the north. How about there?" Chieri had heard Misty hung out there and so had headed there earlier. There’d been quite a few trainers, which she appreciated and beat, but no gym leader, much to her disappointment.

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Fourth of July




"I think we should get some small ones and a few big ones. The sparklers are just really fun to sit around and watch. The big ones are like a big shabang in the air."

"Alright then." After some consideration, Chieri grabbed a few large ones and twice as many smaller ones. "This should do it."

Heading to the counter, she added, “Here. I’ll pay for yours too. For your help and all.”

"Chieri, you really don’t have too. I did not do that much. All I did was give you some tips about fireworks."

"It’s fine. I probably would have left without getting any otherwise." She generally wasn’t the type to pay for others - just because she was rich didn’t make her generous, and she firmly believed in being able to support yourself. But sometimes, it didn’t hurt to show a bit of extra kindness, especially to her seniors. 

"Are you heading back after this?"

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